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Unique Issues in Stewardship During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Stewardship in the midst of COVID-19 (Rev. Janet Long)
    One of the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we are learning many new and different ways of being the church. Stewardship is being practiced differently, too. Here are five examples.
  • Stewardship in a Time of Crisis (Center for Faith and Giving)
    Things to ponder: 1) What’s different, given the pandemic; 2) Pros and Cons of a Stewardship drive now; 3) Options for Stewardship, given the times; 4) Universal elements of sound Stewardship
  • Vital church during COVID-19 (Discipleship Ministries)
    The transition from “in-the-building” worship to online-only worship was difficult, and the learning curve was steep. Yet, despite the difficulties, there are signs of hope and thoughts and practices to build on for the future.

Framing the Topic of Stewardship

  • Why do we give? (Orlanda Carr) “That’s when it hit me – for me, generosity and giving are strongly rooted in gratitude…. Our inclination to give, then, finds its source in God’s generosity.”
  • Stewardship: Budget, or Vision? (Rev. Rob Hagan)
    - A visionary church changes lives. A stagnant church meets budget.
    - A visionary church challenges the congregation to meet the needs of the world. A stagnant church pushes people to give out of guilt
    - In a visionary church, giving changes the giver. In a stagnant church, giving balances the budget.
    - In a visionary church, offering is a high moment. In a stagnant church, offering is a time-out.

Rationale for a Narrative Budget, Versus a Line Item Budget

  • Why a narrative budget? (Rev. Rob Hagan)
    A line item budget is an accounting tool. A narrative budget is an aspirational and inspirational
  • The case for narrative church budgets (Raymond Bonwell, Secretary of the PCUSA Board of Pensions)
    “I would suggest that numbers are not the best way to present a church’s priorities for the upcoming year. Stewardship is the means to mission.”

Developing a Narrative Budget for your Congregation

Some Examples of Narrative Budgets

Additional Resources

  • The Hesitant Herald (Karl Travis)
    MP3 download with excellent timeless stewardship ideas from a PCUSA stewardship guru
  • Stewardship Toolbox (The Presbyterian Foundation)
    A host of stewardship as well as other financial resources offered by the Presbyterian Foundation
  • Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate (Rev. Clif Christopher)
    An excellent, readable guide written by an experienced pastor whose focus is on stewardship. He clarifies the 3 reasons people donate: 1) They believe in the mission; 2) they trust the organization; and 3) they value the charity’s financial stability.

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